We've been pretty quiet for a while, but that is because we have moved from Farnham, Surrey to Coleford, Gloucestershire. 
We now have the beautiful Forest of Dean right on our doorstep and intend to make use of it, especially in the summer.
We are looking forward to meeting and providing quality work to all our new customers.  


14/01/2018 1:20am

nice post

14/01/2018 11:42pm

At first I though you stopped with your business, and I was sad to hear that sad news. But it was good to know that you just relocated and there is still chance of me getting you for my own house. By the way, what's the reason behind the relocation. Your former place was already fine and I don't see any problem with that that is why I was surprised by this post saying that you had your relocation. I am hoping you'll find peace here!

14/01/2018 1:24am

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