It’s the best design tool there is - a splash of colour here, a splash of colour there.  Want a quick budget makeover for any room – paint it another colour!  Want to change the feel of a room - change the colour of the accessories.  But how do we pick the right colour for the room?  How do we make the bedroom a calm, serene haven and the dining room a lively place to have your meal?


You need to take a look at colour psychology and meaning.  Through the years we have assigned meanings to different colours based on their traditional uses.  Analysing the symbolic meaning of colours will give you some valuable insight on how to choose the right colour for the right place and help you in every aspect of interior decorating, from choosing a paint color to redecorating your home on a budget.

Whites and Neutrals
Whites and neutrals tend to project purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. Notice that most hospitals have white walls, brides wear white gowns and a white picket fence surrounds a safe and happy home.   Whites tend to:
•Add to your mental clarity
•Encourage us to clear clutter or obstacles
•Purify or clears thoughts or actions
•Evoke a feeling of fresh beginnings

What is the first thing you think of that’s yellow?  The sun, of course.  Yellow is powerful color that suggests warmth, richness and happiness.  Yellows in the right doses can:
•make you feel happy
•give you more energy
•cause people to become angry quicker

Yellows can have a magical effect on a room, but with the power of this color, using too much or having it too bright can cause problems.

Even more powerful than yellows are the reds, its is one of the most powerful colors you can use  We associate red with love, valentines, danger, desire, speed, strength, and even stop signs. It is considered the first color that is recognized by human eye and this color:
•Promotes alertness
•Increases vitality
•Increases strength
•Stimulates conversation

Ideas for the use of red include dining rooms, and a dash of red as an accent can spice up other rooms as well.

Greens are a fresh color to use in almost any room, and is one of most-often cited favorite colors.  It represents nature, environment, health, good luck, youth and fertility.  Greens represent:
•Nature and growth.

You can use greens almost anywhere, anytime for anything - in the right shades, of course.

Blue is considered a universal color.  It represents peace, tranquility, stability, trust, confidence, security, loyalty, sky, water, cold, technology, and even depression.  Blue can
•slow the pulse rate
•lower body temperature
•reduce appetite.

Blue is universal familiar color, and is comforting.  It’s known for its calming affect and should be used in any room you would like to promote tranquility and peace, like a bedroom.

The color brown represents earth and steadiness.  But the first thing I think of with brown is chocolate, of course, which symbolizes smoothness and luxury.  Brown tends to make us feel:

If you need a touch of sophistication in a room, brown may be just what you need.

 Colors are going to play a major role in your life and color choices throughout your home are going to influence your mood, so be emotional about your color choices.



01/04/2016 9:57am

Choosing colours is very important for painting.

31/08/2016 3:53am

Colour is very important. It projects your mood for the day. It also symbolizes so many things that people need to be careful in choosing one. The psychology of colour is something that students should analyze. This way, they know what to choose when they enter their respective industries. It is best that they be conscious on what a colour means than be ignorant about it.

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That’s really true! Analyzing the symbolic meaning of colors will give you some valuable insight on how to choose the right color for the right place and help you in every aspect of interior decorating, from choosing a paint color to redecorating your home on a budget. Keep sharing more!

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