Here is a recent decorating job that we think looks great.

The wallpaper was made from a photo that our customer had.

I'm sure most of us have a photo that we would love to do this with!



Here we can see very beautiful wallpaper of car racing. This blog impressed me so much because car racing is my passion and this kind of articles inspire me. Hence I wanna thank writer for sharing such a nice stuff with us.


I won't mind a beautiful wallpaper. In fact, I would welcome it because it would inspire me. I am really a fan of beautiful designs. I look forward to seeing objects that remind me of art. Yes, I can be discriminating in pieces of art. But I believe people just need to be observant in order to appreciate what they have life. We can appreciate art in different forms. We just need to have a keen eye.

13/12/2016 5:24pm

Beautiful photos as wall paper design is so trending these days. In fact most of my colleagues had a wall paper with images taken from their trips. They got the inspiration from one of the units that my team designed for a condominium. They learned that it’ll cost them cheaper than having it stenciled by a professional. I also told them that it’s their opportunity to showcase their photography skills by selecting the best photo that they would want to have as a wall paper design. I’m just happy because I was able to share with my colleagues a different approach in using their photographs as a wall paper. At the same time, they don’t need to install picture frames on wall and no need to bore holes on it for screws.

25/06/2017 12:04am

Wow! This is amazing! This background looks really good for your room and it is really easy to do. I have lots of pictures here in our house and I don’t know I am going to use them all, it’s such a waste if I am not going to use it. Thank you for giving us this idea, I know that I am not the only one who struggles on decorating rooms because we want to make it unique and personalized, and if it is possible, we don’t want to spend a lot for pretty backgrounds. Again, thank you very much and I think I will start decorating my room with the pictures I have here with me.

10/04/2017 4:56pm

This is a great idea for wallpaper design. Nowadays people like to customize their things, especially when it comes in the design of their rooms. Your wallpaper really looks cool. I think that you are truly creative to think a such thing like that. I'm impressed with your blog and I think that this kind of blog people should read. I'm happy that you share your idea with us.

25/10/2016 11:57pm

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14/11/2016 12:08am

Nice wallpapers! Looks very cool! I'd like to do something similar!

03/03/2017 12:33pm

exceptionally wonderful backdrop of auto hustling. This blog awed me so much since auto hustling is my obsession and this sort of articles move me. Consequently I wanna thank author for offering such a decent stuff to us.


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02/04/2017 5:19am

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09/06/2017 5:16pm

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06/09/2017 1:45pm

That is some really nice wallpaper.


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