We have been working outside since before Christmas, its been wet, cold, frozen and generally horrible.
Thankfully it is now finished - Not the ideal time for outside work, but on commercial jobs it sometimes just has to be done.


13/08/2016 10:57pm


13/09/2016 5:02am

When you're already a professional, you have to perform all your duties regardless of some unfavorable conditions. Regardless if it's snowing and freezing, work is work and you have to get it done. It's part of your job to comply. This is the reality of the real world. So I am advising young college students to take their time, enjoy life while still in school, have as much fun as you can, spend time with your loved ones, go out and explore the world because once you have graduated and started working, things will change. You can't afford anymore to be carefree and your time will be limited.


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05/02/2017 12:14am

Oh yeah, outside work at winter is not sweet at all! But it is very good that you've done your job!

23/02/2017 6:43am

Well, at least now everything is finished. I am sure it was tough for you.


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