Do you like to do your own painting & decorating?
*Remember preparation is everything - no amount of paint will hide holes or cracks.
*Rack out any cracks to make wider before you fill - it will help the filler stay where it should be & fill up twice - over   filling takes a lot of effort to sand back down.
*Start at the top - Ceiling - walls - woodwork.
*Thin your paint a little bit, so it flows - Always apply at least two coats.
*Use good quality paints - Cheap paint = lots of coats & poor finish.
*Solvent or oil based paints flow better than water based paints & give more working time.
*water based paints are very good too - Also keep their colour - oil paint yellow over time.

*DON'T forget cover anything that you want to keep clean.
*Happy painting :)



12/08/2015 5:14am

For homeowners who have the time, money and talent, DIY decorating is the way to execute their dream designs. All of us have design preferences and we just need to be confident in what we do. Back when I was new at design school, I was a bit shy to show my creations. But my teacher told me to be confident and to believe in myself so others would. That was a valuable lesson I keep up to this day. So to those who want to show off your hidden talent, start experimenting your DIY projects at home.

28/01/2016 6:18am

Dont forget to cover is the best advice of the day)

30/03/2016 12:14am

Yes good fact shared if you wanna decorate your home you have to properly prepared your home and clean properly.Best ideas you shared.Thanks for sharing.

29/05/2016 7:54pm

DIY decorating is a nice way to showcase your talent, especially if you have special skills in designing. I really love making DIY projects, I remember back when I was in high school, there are different task that requires creativity. That tasks improved my skills and taught me how to be artistic in a way that I will standout from others. I want to have my own house designed by my creative mind, this is one of my dreams so a tip for you guys "follow your dreams".

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