Do you like to do your own painting & decorating?
*Remember preparation is everything - no amount of paint will hide holes or cracks.
*Rack out any cracks to make wider before you fill - it will help the filler stay where it should be & fill up twice - over   filling takes a lot of effort to sand back down.
*Start at the top - Ceiling - walls - woodwork.
*Thin your paint a little bit, so it flows - Always apply at least two coats.
*Use good quality paints - Cheap paint = lots of coats & poor finish.
*Solvent or oil based paints flow better than water based paints & give more working time.
*water based paints are very good too - Also keep their colour - oil paint yellow over time.

*DON'T forget cover anything that you want to keep clean.
*Happy painting :)


What a challenge!


We have been working outside since before Christmas, its been wet, cold, frozen and generally horrible.
Thankfully it is now finished - Not the ideal time for outside work, but on commercial jobs it sometimes just has to be done.